My work takes the form of functional tools for the hand in metal, wood, and plastic. They are an argument for aesthetic experience over speed and efficiency, for skill over blind use, for self-reliance over dependencies, and for an absolute love of process. Like bookends, ideas concerning the hand and the informing sense of touch act as a nurturing cradle for my work. The objects I make result from my need to live actively, physically, and tactilely in an increasingly computerized world, and I offer my work as a counterpoint to digital culture.

I believe that through the combination of hand and mind the most powerful resource in the evolution of humans emerged - the ability to fabricate and to use tools. The result was and continues to be, the ability to affect, guide, and in large degrees to control (for better or worse) the conditions that make up both our physical and social environments. This belief drives my artistic desire to celebrate the direct, self-informing, and tactile relationship between hand, tool and user.